Discovering Your Life Purpose and Career Direction

Many years ago, when Randi Benator was struggling with questions about her own career and life-direction, she attended a workshop where she was led through a guided visualization. She received a message through her inner guidance that struck a deep chord: "Own your gifts. Honor your gifts. Give of your gifts." It reminded her that she had not been following what she knew to be her own true work in the world. Today, by honoring her own gifts and manifesting them through her work, Randi helps her clients to discover theirs.

"I believe each of us came into this world with a purpose - to express our gifts and uniqueness in a way no one else can. Truly fulfilling life work gives us the opportunity to express our unique talents and interests, bringing personal meaning and satisfaction while also contributing to something larger than ourselves."

If that's true, why is it that so many of us don't know what our unique purpose is, are confused about our direction, and are working in careers that are not soul satisfying?

"For so many of my clients, life and career choices were made to gain financial or emotional security, to please others, or simply because they fell into it, not knowing what they truly wanted. They often arrive in my office feeling frustrated and underutilized. My work is to guide them back to their true nature and desires. Everyone has the seeds of this knowing inside them, they simply often don't know how to fully access it. I see part of my task as helping draw forth all the threads of who they are, their unique gifts, abilities, interests and talents, what brings them meaning and satisfaction, and then weaving these threads together so they can see the complete picture. Once they arrive at this place of inner knowing, their choices flow naturally from there, and they are able to know and create what they truly want that is a genuine expression of who they are and what they have to offer."

Randi guides clients through the Life Purpose and Career Clarification Process©, a focused and in-depth method for helping people connect with their interests, talents, and potential. She also offers ongoing coaching and a monthly group, Taking the Leap (in a Circle of Support), to keep them focused and supported in achieving their goals.

Randi has a Masters degree in Counseling and is a certified Life Purpose and Career Consultant. An area of specialty is working with women in mid-life transition, and she has led numerous workshops at women's education centers in the Bay Area and on the East Coast. She currently sees clients individually and is on the faculty of the Creative Work/Life Transitions Program at the San Francisco State College of Extended Learning.

Article printed in Bay Area Business Woman

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