Life Purpose and Career Clarification Process©
An in-depth, focused, collaborative process to help you discover and design a life and career that is an expression of your unique talents, interests and potential.

Taking the Leap Monthly Group
A monthly group designed to help you clarify, nurture, and realize your vision within a community of support. Give voice to your dreams and vision, share resources and ideas, stay focused and on track, and celebrate successes.

Life Transition Counseling
A transformational approach to assist you in navigating times of transition to bring about increased focus, direction, and purpose to your life.

Assisting you in defining your goals and vision and inspire you to take the steps necessary to achieve them. Support and guidance for staying focused, in action, and accountable to the goals you have set for yourself.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Testing
A widely used and respected personality assessment. A helpful tool for discovering natural strengths and potential weaknesses, increased self-knowledge and insights into career satisfaction.

In person and long distance phone sessions are available. Please contact Randi by phone (415) 924-4944 for more information or email Randi here.



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