Discovering Your Life Purpose and Career Direction

Each of us came into this world with a purpose - to realize our abilities and express our uniqueness in a way no one else can. Truly fulfilling life work gives us the opportunity to express our talents and use them in service to something larger than ourselves.

Are you wanting to:

  • Create meaningful work that is aligned with your talents and interests? 
  • Clarify your purpose and direction? 
  • Discover your next steps? 

Enjoy a period of exploration to focus on your career and life direction. Open to new ideas and insights about your vision of what you want to create in your life and work. This experiential workshop will help you begin the process of discovering your purpose and designing a life work that is an expression of who you are and what you have to offer. Please bring a notebook to class.

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Marin Community Education

What students are saying


"I thoroughly enjoyed the Discovering Your Life Purpose and Career Direction workshop. Having struggled with defining career and life goals on my own, I found the workshop to be an especially valuable, illuminating - and fun - experience of a seemingly diverse group of people engaged in mutual self-discovery. Guided by the instructor's structured exercises, perceptive enthusiasm, and encouraging and informative feedback, we all uncovered our own and supported each others' process of discovery and inspiration."



"This was an informative and well-organized class. It was extremely helpful in nailing down my career/life goals, which had been sloshing around in my head for years, but I had never been able to to articulate or clarify what they precisely were or access these desires in an effective manner before."

~L. Houlihan


"An excellent and engaging workshop for someone who needs that extra step to dream of what they really can become."

~D. Silverberg




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